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by ZJChaser » Wed Aug 04, 2010 12:14 am

OK Frank has bugged me enough and now that the SSC kit has gone public I can post up. This thread will remain in the rocket pig sty for a short while though for other reasons….maybe to be revealed later…..

As you know I toasted my transmission a little while ago. I pulled the whole motor with the trans this time with the intention of just giving things a checkover then out came the famous last words….”since the motor is out I might as well….” Everytime I looked at the car after that the list grew. The project turned into a mission to completely clean up the engine bay and simplify everything. Make as much room as possible for things and make it as easy to work on and check things as possible. So here goes the list of the things I can think off off the top of my head quickly…

-started with a fresh transmission
-Jubu Helical 3rd and 4th
-Carbonetics Carbon LSD
-shot peened stock gears
-swapping shorter 6th from original trans to the new one

Engine changes:
-SSC TVS supercharger and manifolds
-MWR Stage 3 cams
-MWR water pump and alternator pulleys
-New belt tensioner
-RC 650cc injectors
-PPE custom header with a 3″ outlet
-Replace leaky rear main seal
-Fresh Denso IK24 plugs
-Custom 70mm and 75mm pulleys for the blower(it came with an 80mm)
-Remove oil vent tube and block off valve cover opening
-SSC SC intake

Engine bay:
-Rewire all accessories with switches and relays
-Move ECU to interior
-Replumb oil vent/catch setup(engine block vent to bottom of catch can)
-Replumb water lines with hardline
-Replumb fuel lines
-Remove firewall carpet and elise hinge mounts
-Move water reservoir and oil catch to firewall
-Heat shield firewall

Other stuff:
-Modify fuel cell for proper -6 flow
-Swap to factory harness bar from V-Force
-Mount radio on harness bar
-AiM MXL dash and sensor install to replace defi, racepack, and IC temp displays and sensors
-Airbag/stereo removal from dash

by ZJChaser » Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:54 am

The chassis wont get used as a heat sink but the lines will. It also routes them much cleaner. The stock hoses are way longer than they need to be and

tonights progress:

new cams are in, valve cover on, intake manifold on, fuel rail on, have to wait for my new sc pulleys to arrive to check alignment before I can secure the blower for good but its ready and waiting….

some of the changes on the backside of the motor. -12 AN crank case vent going straight to the bottom of my breather can to act as a drain back. 45 degree elboe on the water line to transition right into a hard line. welded up the normal water feed nipple into the pump and will be feeding from the larger line above it. blockoff plate on the valve cover vent tube location… :

the rest of the embee thermal dispersant coated parts:

dash wired up in the car, switch panel in, HVAC controls removed….

by MaineLotus » Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:58 am

ya one thing just kind of led to another. middle of the season? Its summer. Its too hot out there. It did however ruin my chance at placing in the time attack series. I was in 3rd place after the second event….no chance of catching up now after missing the last two events.

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