Compound Turbo Elise…

 BREdwards » Tue Aug 02, 2011 6:05 am

So this is the reason I am running through boards right now. I’m not a computer guy but there is a lot of info out here.

I am building a custom turbo kit based on the Borg Warner EFR 7064 Twin Scroll. I am trashing the ff275 my car came with. That kit was rushed in to production garbage. Not to mention the EFI and stock wire harness issue. The only things I am keeping out of the kit are the EFI standalone and the intercooler.

I am keeping the EFI because it does what it is told just like any standalone. (when you aren’t using the stock wiring harness.) Going to full race wiring harness and data logger dash to get rid of guages (at the same time adding more sensors) and eliminate any stock harness issues, clean up engine bay.

The intercooler is going to be modified water to air.

I am going up to EV14 1000cc injectors and new fuel rail. 255 LPH internal pump and surge tank (I don’t mind overkill). Should be plenty of fuel.

Larger tubed turbo manifold and charge pipe. Upgrading to Wiggens clamps. No silicone BS.

My engine is a 9:1 Mahle & Crower, Heads are Eibach springs, Supertech valves and Piper stage 2 cams. This is what the car came with so I am going to push it until I break it so I can go bigger. If I get 1500 miles I’ll be happy.

And then I am going to phase in a nitrous wet kit to kill lag. Won’t take much but I am interested in trying it for nothing else but I haven’t done it before.

Transmission. Probably going E153 and going to larger CCW wheels.

Suspension is fully adjustable nitron kit.

If I missed anything let me know or any ideas on tweaking things.

by ronin » Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:27 am

If I were you I would do the gearbox first since it will need to be done and it determines turbo and header design/position.
The A/A intercooler can do as a A/W setup but it’s gonna be a bit heavy in its current location, remember it’s water flow and heatexchangers that determine it’s efficiency…..
Tall gears and big turbo are not bad as long as you don’t get too lazy and try passing someone at 3,000 rpm in fifth gear..

Good luck with the build and post it up. Maybe we can save you some R$D time and money.. <

by BREdwards » Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:28 pm

This is information I like. I did not know about the transmission making a difference in manifold design. Now I source a transmission. I really wish I could just build up the 6spd I have. The gearing is nice because it is an american version. Taller final. I might have to get that gear box you have up in the for sale section. How hard is it to get someone in the area to install it. Time/ money for install and needed parts.

“3,000 rpm in fifth gear..”

Nitrous, just a small bump down low (less than 50hp shot) has the power to spool a large turbo 1,000 rpm sooner and flatten out the curve. Phase it out with the ecu to match boost level and you also end up with plenty for a day or two of the kind of driving only a few people will ever do.

 » Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:13 pm

The six speed C64 box will explode the first time you put it in high boost over 350 hp.

The box I had sold a while back complete with axels/mounts and linkage… Short gears and big turbo suck since tou will never have enough gear and extreamly peaky responce. You need the taller gears in order to use the torque.
3,000 rpm in fifth gear with the E153 puts you at 72 mph. 9,000 rpm puts you at 193 mph… 

A new gearbox and all the fixins puts you back about $5,400.00 + install.

Where are you located ?

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