5 reasons why Formula 1 deserves your attention

reasons to bet on formula 1

The answers to the tricky questions about Formula 1 to bring the world of racing closer to you.

Many people have never seen an entire Formula 1 race in their lives. And in vain! It’s fascinating and exciting, and to encourage you to watch the next round, which, incidentally, will be held in Russia, we have prepared 11 tricky questions to make the world of F1 has become for you a little closer. Here we go!

A few words about me: my name is Sophie, and I’m a racing fan for two years now. In that time, I’ve produced a podcast about Formula 1 to educate even more people about this dangerous and hugely exciting sport. That’s also why we came up with this article! Also, if you want start to make bets on motosport, especially on Formula 1, try our best sportsbook: 1win.

1) As you know, the phrase “queen of motorsport” is often used in Formula 1. Why doesn’t it feature royalty or at least Heisam bin Tariq as drivers?
The very first question – and what a tricky one! Here’s where you have to get to the heart of the statement: Formula 1 is the queen of motorsport! It has nothing to do with royalty. But, if in the future someone from the Arabian sheikhs, or perhaps the royal family of Spain wants to drive a car at a professional level, it won’t be hard for them.

2) As you know, Formula 1 is all about modern technology. Some gaming sports use the VAR system and its counterparts. How does this work in Formula 1 and who makes the final decision on an episode?
For any questionable episodes, the F1 refereeing panel – it’s different for every round, and there are former F1 drivers among the judges – maintains a unique balance between human error and technology. The final decision is taken by FIA race director Michael Masi, who rules on scandals within the formulaic community and on the consequences of litigation between the teams.

3) As you know, in Formula 1 there is one rubber supplier for all teams. Does it matter to the teams?
There have been a total of nine different tyre suppliers known in F1 history. Among them were industry giants such as Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone and others. Since 2011 to date, drivers have been racing on Italian brand Pirelli tyres.

Brief historical reference is over, now we come to the essence of the matter. Yes, it is extremely important for the teams to have the same tyre supplier. The tyres are one of the most important instruments in the work of the car, and for the FIA, the International Automobile Federation, under whose auspices the Formula 1 races – it is both an element of equality and guarantee of reliability.

Why an element of equalisation? Because we know for sure, all teams have the same tyres – there is no way to cheat. Pressure, by the way, also must be equal. After Grand Prix of Azerbaijan this year for this have become even more stringent – tricks commands on the pressure in the tyres knocked out two cars.

One tyre brand for all is a guarantee of safety. Teams carry out numerous tests to find the optimum car settings, from December through to the traditional pre-season. Each driver can be confident that his tyres will not surprise him.

This has happened when teams have put kits from different brands in the same race. As I remember, in the end only six or eight cars started in that stage – the other teams were afraid to send their riders on untested tyres.reasons to bet on formula 1

4) As you know, there is a winter break in Formula 1. Why not make it like in football in the summer, and start the new season in September, because there are enough places on the planet where it’s warm all the time?
The Formula 1 calendar is a complicated thing, the past and present, covid and post-covid seasons have proved it to us. Changing it is a hassle, for the race directorate, for the teams and, of course, for the fans.

The order of the Formula 1 and supporting races, this year’s Formula 2 and Formula 3, the younger championships and the W Series, the all-women’s series, has been shaped over the 70 years of the queen of motorsport. To drastically change the calendar, starting the season as in football, from September, is a nightmare for everyone involved in racing. As it is, from the 2022 season we will have new regulations, which I am sure will bring many surprises.

In addition, when switching to the new format, the title has to be changed as well: from “Champion of 2021” will the rider turn into “Champion of 2020/2021”? In my subjective opinion – feh.

5) As you know, there are some big corporations in Formula 1, like Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull. Why aren’t other global companies interested in selling their brand names to the teams?
Firstly, let’s distinguish: Ferrari and Mercedes have not sold their names to anyone. These teams are offshoots of big car concerns, as, in fact, most in F1: the name “Aston Martin”, I think, tells you a lot.

By the way, a very interesting story is connected with the Alpin team: it exists directly on French state money and is a national team. And in the past it was called Renault – I think it’s even clearer now.

Secondly, we make a distinction number two: the official team names sound slightly different. Take Mercedes as an example: their full name is Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team. Who is Petronas? Simple: a Malaysian oil and gas company. And in relation to Mercedes, a title sponsor.

So the answer to the question is this: international companies are interested in selling their trade names, and many teams have them in their full names.good tiers for formula 1

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