How to make win-win bets on Formula 1

how to make bets on formula 1

“Royal races” rightfully occupy the first line in the world of motorsports, significantly ahead of MotoGP, the world “Superbike” and the classic rally in terms of audience popularity. Not to mention “Dakar” and other car raids. Betting on the Formula 1 “an indispensable companion to the racing series since its inception – since 1950 (although the championship was born even earlier). The first Grand Prix was held in England, on the famous Formula 1 circuit in Silverstone, and the British are known for their gambling, so it is not surprising that a number of the largest bookmaker companies like Pin Up are based there. “Formula 1 does not combine elements of gambling sports, so win-win theories like Martingale do not apply here, but the English, with the help of the Dutch, have developed one of the almost always winning strategies nevertheless. But first a bit of to make bets on formula 1

What types of bets on Formula 1

In Live in most bookmakers’ offices, both small and large, bets on the “Royal Races” are not presented. The thing is that Formula 1 is too dynamic sport where the leader can often change from lap to lap – here the type of tires and weather conditions and the time to refuel (pit stop) play an important role. Therefore, in real time to keep track of all the permutations and not to make a mistake when setting the odds analysts is impossible. That is why most often in the line you can find the following pre-start bets:

  • The most understandable – you need to guess the winner of the race,
  • Next comes “podium” – you need to specify three pilots that will be in the top three,
  • You can also try to guess the eight representatives of the points zone,
  • In the British shops are sometimes offered to guess the author of the fastest lap of the Grand Prix,
  • There are some special bets in Formula One as well. These are for the absolute gourmets and experts of the Royal Races. Will the safety car come out on the track (in case of a serious accident), how many drivers will cross the finish line (very risky bet, especially in rainy weather), and very cosmic looks bet “distance to the gap” (here we offer to guess how far from second place the winner of the race).

The risks of a win-win strategy on Formula 1

The first and main is the following – the bookmakers do not like those who win from them. Therefore, in one office in a row several times to win by the Dutch strategy does not work. More often than not, the player will make him suffer through additional verifications, identity checks, drawbacks and cutting limits. Therefore, it is better to bet according to this strategy in several offices for insurance. That should not cause suspicions in the distance. read more

5 reasons why Formula 1 deserves your attention

reasons to bet on formula 1

The answers to the tricky questions about Formula 1 to bring the world of racing closer to you.

Many people have never seen an entire Formula 1 race in their lives. And in vain! It’s fascinating and exciting, and to encourage you to watch the next round, which, incidentally, will be held in Russia, we have prepared 11 tricky questions to make the world of F1 has become for you a little closer. Here we go!

A few words about me: my name is Sophie, and I’m a racing fan for two years now. In that time, I’ve produced a podcast about Formula 1 to educate even more people about this dangerous and hugely exciting sport. That’s also why we came up with this article! Also, if you want start to make bets on motosport, especially on Formula 1, try our best sportsbook: 1win. read more